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Inspired by the video (as the title follows) on YouTube.

Ririn is jealous of Rukia

Haha, even on one of the episodes during the Bount Arc Ririn accuses them of being lovers, but Ichigo doesn't say anything about it, he actually looks worried (like someone found his biggest secret xD) and Rukia is like WTF? How did she find out? That stuff animal is about to go flying! She doesn't even say "No, we are nothing like that!" she just says "What are you saying, Ririn?" (just like Ichigo, it seems like she was just caught by sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar, Ichigo's cookie jar, that is. xD) and they just cut straight to serious talk, like they are acting like it never even happened. OMG, one of my favorite moments between Ichigo and Rukia! Haha, so cute, even after the close call they just keep going on what they usually do (Ichigo being worried about her, and Rukia saying she will be alright). Oh, wow. Even Ririn knows it, that if Rukia is hurt, Ichigo is going to come and save her (like always), so she is going to find a bount to see if Ichigo will do the same. xD They watch her fly off (btw, how can a stuff animal fly off?) and Ichigo says "What's with her?" (again, acting like nothing ever happened, dense, but cute, because he knows his intentions and Rukia knows hers!)

Orihime is jealous of Rukia

About the time where Orihime is talking to Rangiku about her being jealous of Rukia, I find it funny that Rukia had to drag Ichigo there in the first place just to apologize to her. It was suppose to be a moment between Ichigo and Orihime, him saying "Next time, I'll definitely protect you!" just like when Ichigo screams with Renji "I promised to protect her, I promised on my soul!" Ichigo promised on his soul. (Renji doesn't succeed in the end, but that's another story) he doesn't need a next time. He ends up protecting Rukia, as always. He doesn't need to be forced. It becomes a natural thing for him to do. Like instinct. It's obvious as day he has feelings for Rukia, and Rukia has feelings for him, even if they are as blantly put out as Ichigo's. Orihime does have a right to be jealous, if I were in her shoes, I would be jealous too! I would see how they stand by each other and how Rukia can throw him outself of every funk he is in! Tender actions apparently doesn't get through to Ichigo enough, so he needs someone like Rukia. One whack (as Orihime put it, lol) or kick is all it takes, and after that, honestly, I would be pissed! How is that suppose to help  me?! But it does in the end, which proves a lot between their relationship!

Nel is jealous of Rukia

And the part where Nel asks Rukia what her relationship with "Itsygo" she doesn't have time to answer the question, matter of fact, she doesn't have even answer the question directly at all even given the short amount of time. She just says "Huh?" or "Nani?" in the Japanese version (love how they say nani btw for some reason xD) then it cuts straight to the scene where Renji tells Ichigo a "Popular with the ladies, huh?"...even Renji notices what's going on between them, or else he would be burning up right now because he loves Rukia the same way, doesn't he? Renji has enough time to be mad, but then it goes to Ichigo and all he says is "Kiss my ass." (but I think it's different in English...if I'm wrong, he says "Shut up!") just like Rukia, he doesn't answer the question, because he is probably flustered as much as Rukia is (hencing the sweatdrops...xD) though, it's Ichigo, so he probably doesn't have a way of showing it, and even if he did, Tite Kubo would know and everyone else would know it would be way too OOC. That's one of the things about IchiRuki. Neither one will admit it, no matter what it comes down to, but you know what their feelings are in the end, it's so obvious! When Ichigo says to Rukia "I wonder..." he wonders? Wonders about what? What is there to really wonder about? What else would he be thinking about if Nel is looking that way towards Rukia? He himself knows something is up, but doesn't try to stop it. He has been asked this question himself many times before, hasn't he? He should know be now what to expect.
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